Exceptional Care,
Exceptionally Close

To Our Dedicated Southland Community

For almost 100 years, Ingalls Memorial Hospital, now UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial, has served the people of Harvey and the Southland with exceptional community-based healthcare.

Our patients expect excellent care and our community benefit programs, partnerships and investments have allowed us to improve health equity for the larger community. Our top priority has always been to provide all people with access to the care needed to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

In 2020, COVID-19 was a great challenge. We were already working before the pandemic to help close the gaps that health disparities had left in our community. However, many of our efforts were paused and then refocused on how best to serve those struggling to stay healthy during the pandemic.

Our community benefit partners were resilient during the crisis as we knew they would be. They pressed forward to offer important resources and programs to improve the health of those around them and help Southland residents avoid delay in getting needed care.

By talking with community leaders and partners we learned about local health needs and provided support. Healthcare issues were a top priority as we dealt with service gaps, strengthened and developed new and improved programs, and worked with local partners to provide lasting solutions.

We remind ourselves to always see how needs, services and intended outcomes are connected. We focus our work to benefit marginalized and at-risk populations based on data and lessons learned.

For example, in fiscal 2020, UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial invested over $89.5 million in benefits and services to the community. This investment included almost $106,000 in grants and in-kind donations for organizations that provide health services in priority areas. These services focused on preventing and managing chronic diseases, increasing access to maternal health services and promoting cancer awareness. It also included our own heart health programming, resources for mothers, babies and new families, and nutrition education focused on managing diabetes, heart health, and cancer.

Please take time to look over our community benefit report. The report shows these efforts in detail and how we are helping to build a healthier Southland.

We want to thank each of you who helped with this work in every way — large or small. Thank you for making a difference and for showing that even during the most challenging of times, our sense of community is still strong.

brian sinotte
Brian Sinotte signature
Brian Sinotte,
FACHE, President, Community Health and Hospitals Division and President, UChicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial
brenda battle
Brenda Battle signature
Brenda Battle,
RN, BSN, MBA, Senior Vice President for Community Health Transformation and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, UChicago Medicine